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Sunday, January 22, 2006

2005 Venturi Fetish

For over a year now I have really liked the idea of this car when it first came on to the scene but in the past two years there has come nothing even remotely close to it which I now feel a considerable reason to write about it.
First released in 2004 at the Paris motor show it quickly caught the attention of many, including Sir Roger Moore (better known as Bond, James Bond).
The remarkable thing about this sports car is that of its motor. If your expecting a roar sounding V8 mammoth or the shrill of a V12 your greatly mistaken.
For once you place the key in the ignition and turn the key you will hear the great sounding roar of (silence). The quiet stealth like sound would be destroyed by a whisper of your travelling companion expecting the car to roar to life where you could surprise them by depressing your foot onto the accerlerator and flying off down the road.
The design aspect of the car is quite remarkable starting with the Chassis which is made of monocoque carbon with the batteries incorporated into the frame work making this a record light weight of 750kg. With such a light body and frame the amazing electric motor has all but to worry about the weight of its passenger and driver.
It has a top speed of 170km which to many may not seem impressive for a sports car but as its an electric car. The electric linear torque engine can deliver 100% power on ignition achieving 14,000 rpm's - 180kw accelerating from 0-100 in under 5 seconds. Forgoe the environmental saving factors, this car in itself is a remarkable sports coupe and would love one for the road.
Venturi whom brought the revolutionary idealism of the future is not a man to take likely after all he is a respected racing driver and the 2nd wealthiest man in Monocco. But as astounding as this car is the Question i ask is, as its electric can it be driven on the golf course?
Golf rating, 4.5
8.5 if it can be modified to carry golf clubs

Monday, January 16, 2006

2006 Ferrari 599 GTB

Mike:This new model ferrari combines the powerful 6ltr V12 of the Enzo with the likes of such classicss as the 250GT, 275GTB and the 365 GTB4 as its focal theme point. It also is set to replace both the 575M and 550 Maranello's which have been on the roads since 1996.
The V12 engine has under gone the knife and is now hailed as the most powerful V12 production engine of all time. Pouring in Ferrari's most advanced innovative engineering solutions applied to a mid-front mounted two seater coupe' whose technology has set an impressive benchmark for Ferrari's all-aluminum constructed body and chassis derived from a performance, driver involvement and design program mix.

Rob: This car is beautiful, the Pininfarina design gives the Ferrari 559 GTB aggressive lines which are perfectly integrated with the aerodynamics adopted to reach the performance figures Ferrari needs to meet for this car. The 599GTB looks a lot nicer than the 612 in my opinion.

The Ferrari 599 GTB boasts class leading power thanks to its 5,999cc V12 which is derived from the Enzo Ferrari supercar. The 599 engine produces 620hp, possibly more. Vroom Vroom.

The Ferrari 599 GTB replaces the last in that great line of berlinettas, the 575M Maranello, which was originally the 550 Maranello introduced in 1996, which in turn replaced the Testarossa.

The new car will be officially unveiled on the 28th of February 2006 at the Geneva Motor Show. I can't wait to see it in the flesh. The 550 was a favorite of mine, but has dated rather quickly in recent times..... The 599GTB would be a great addition to my garage..... Best I save up.

BMW Collection

The BMW Series 6 Convertible
Detailed reproduction of the real life model. With double brake function for added safety. The electric horn is intergrated into the steering wheel and has a speedometer. Holds a max load of 50kg and has a powerful electric motor.

The BMW M3 Convertible

Recommended for ages 4 to 7 Available in 2 versions, Pedal or Electric.
Price ranged at NZ$599 for pedal and $924.75 for the 12V (or V12 as I like to think) electric version.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

LA Auto show pictures

I have posted some of the photo's from my visit to the LA Auto show.... Here check it out...

2004 Toyota Alessandro Volta

Company: Toyota
Model Alessandro Volta
Engine Layout: Mid, Transfersely mounted
Design: Italian Body
Engine Config: Electric Motors, V6
Valve System: 4 valves/cylinder, DOHC
Displacement: 3.3ltr
Power: 304.4kw/408bhp
Top Speed: 250km's
0-60: 4 seconds

Saturday, January 14, 2006

2006 Lamborghini Miura Concept

Mike:When I say believe it or not I'm not singing the theme song to The Greatest American Hero, its to the shock and dismay to the latest Lamborghini concept car that hails to the retro theme of the Miura. The design comes from the creative head of the Lamborghini design team, Walter de' Silva whom also serves on the head of design for the Audi Group as well. The idea was to focus the theme of a 'modern' retro sports car and the focal point was the legendary Miura.
Just as Holden reinvented the Monaro, so have Lambo done for the Miura unveiling early in 2006 to celebrate its 40 anniversary.
It is said that the miura is one of the most beautiful cars ever created.... that may stand to test but feel that the retro version may have much competition out there to match that feat.
Rob: Concept M began at the Lamborghini headquarters in Santa'Agata in October 2003. This car is a bit more basic than I'd like to see a finished product, so I hope the team at Lamborghini give it a bit more flash before production. The car is probably going to be called the LP650. LP means "longitudinale posteriore" or longitudinal rear in English. The first Miura of which 763 were built had a transversely mounted engine, so they are not keeping utterly to tradition, but technology is better now, so expect a fast car. The engine wil probably be a 6.5 V12 with around 700hp. The car may well use a version of Audi's Quatrro 4 wheel drive system. Time will tell..... The car will look better in black.

2006 Audi Roadjet Concept

Blending Audi's latest evolutionary stage idiom with their focus on an entirely new space concept. This new drive technology represents audi's innovative concepts to produce performance efficiency from a longitudinally installed engine featuring the first model version of the sporty 7-speed direct shift gearbox. The roadjet's electronic systems are key demonstrators of technology to be found in future models in the short term.

The power unit of the engine is impressive not merely in terms of absolute performance, but also thanks to its pulling power and bite, coupled with a linear increase in power all the way up to a top speed of 250kms that has been electronically limited. The engine is a 3.2-litre six-cylinder engine with FSI petrol direct injection serves as an appropriate source of propulsion for the Audi Roadjet Concept. Its fixed intake manifold and the new Audi valvelift system develops 300 bhp at 7,000 rpm and 244 lb-ft of torque at 4,500 rpm.

The dynamic suspension layout with four-link front suspension and self-tracking trapezoidal-link rear suspension delivers the accustomed standard of driveability and ride comfort. Variable shock absorbers and the new Audi dynamic steering rack-and-pinion steering concept with variable ratio are used for the first time.

Audi's Drive Select system enables the driver to preselect several independant modes (comfort, dynamic and sport) at the push of a buttom. These in there own alter the steering, damping and transmission response and also the engine characteristics.

UPDATE 2006 Aston Martin Rapide Concept

Is this car truly for real?...
Specifications: Powered by the very same V12 engine as in the DB0, this 358kw, 1850kg, rear wheel driven Aston Martin pushes from stand to 100km in under 5 seconds hitting a top speed of 290kms. Getting up to those speeds is somewhat the same as the DB9 however several gears have been adjusted inorder to suit the longer wheelbase. Imagine hitting speeds of 290km's/hour and not worrying about breaking the champagne glasses in the trunk (ref to photo to right) Not only does it have that, it has a chess board and pieces as well to add to the refinement of the car. This could be reminiscent of the 'original' DB5 that came standard with the Champagne wine cooler as seen in the James Bond film Golden Eye. Being 11.7 inches longer than that of the DB9 there was some design complication with the doors where the front doors still open at the 12degrees like a wing design door. Whereas the rear doors unexpectedly had to be cut deep into the flank below the C-pillar in order to accommodate an opening that would improve access. The interior of the 'cockpit' where the pilot sits, can begin their rapide experience with a simple push of the glass starter buttong. Aston martin have always been about balance of materials and they again surpass the expectations of what is defined as luxury. Even the dashboard which has a driver focused design application, can now also be interactive with the other passengers. Eg. the satalite navigation can be accessed by all passengers via handheld bluetooth devices that allows even those in the rear to add in their destinations.
We all have our responses and may feel obliged to share those in regards to this car. However I would advise that if you think negatively over this car I would say take a long and hard look. The one negative aspect I hold over this and only this, would be the name that has been bestowed apon such luxury, "Rapide" ?????

Monday, January 09, 2006

2006 Dodge Challenger Concept

This car is missing two things, A southern flag on the roof and "01" on the doors.
I'm talking about the General Lee getting a modern and updated face lift, in otherwords, this is the original GL's offspring being the younger version for the new millenium.
Under the hood is the typical Hemi V8 with 318kw(370bhp) pushing down the highway to a topspeed of 280km's and 0-100 in 4.5seconds.
With subtle changes integrated several may go un-noticed to the naked eye, especially if viewing a simple photo you would realise that its 6inches longer than the original, and width 2inches greater with the impression on giving the car a tougher and maintain the traditional lines that people came to know and love.
Take a closer look to the signature side view accent line and notice that its now higher up on the body and runs horizontal right through the fender and door kicking out just before the rear wheel. The lines running down the car have been smoothed out greatly and considering the challenge to hold the true traditional design have done a fabulous job. The tight lines cut and drawn around the wheels give out a more aerodynamic aspect without loosing the tougher grunt look with a modern look. The cars lines are clean to the point that there are not guards/bumpers being the same body colour and completely flush with the cars body. And with the increased length its now a better four seater but that's if you can spare the time to seat someone inthe back without just wanting to jump in and push your foot flat to the floor.

2007 Mercedes-Benz S 65 AMG

A stunning model in its class as its v12 Bi-turbo brings home 450kw which is more than any other vehicle in its segment.
AMG Sports exhaust with two twin chrome tailpipes from the new v12 gives the car a new voice to sing with.
New catalytic converters allow for increase response time from a cold start
The AMG v12 bi-turbo delivers 420 pounder per foot of torque to the crank shaft that is precision balanced designed from high-strength materials that are resistant to temperature and pressure.
Top speed is 155 electronically limited
zero to 100 in 4.2seconds

2006 Volvo C30 Concept

Sneak Peak of what the new Volvo C30 will look like at its unveiling in Paris later in the year, September I Belive.
What do we have to look forward too...
A sporty 2 door, four seater inline-5 2.4 ltr turbo charged 260bhp little safety rocket has a top speed electronically limited to 155mph rolled out on 19inch aluminum wheels and a look to prove muscular design with agility performance along with the Volvo established safety design from the Volvo Safety Concept Car.
One thing that I find difficult to come to grips with is the large rear glass window being eloquent in design it just holds line to low down into the rear bumper.

2007 Ford Shelby GT500

YES YES YES The Snake is Back
This is a remarkable acheivement for a V8 supercharged engine reaching a gritty 475 horsepower. The forcefed air-n-fuel mixed engine run through a roots-type supercharger powers this 5.4ltr beast to provide 8.5 pounds per square inch of boost from its cast iron engine block down to its 6speed manual gear box which hurls the driver down the tarmac and rip it to threads.
The design was originally empted with control in mind, now many people would laugh saying "an american car that can handle corners?!!" Well we know that has changed a little in recent year/s, that wish almighty power there must be control. With the idea of continuing the GT500 legacy for its allround performance that pushed it to the forefront of race tracks around was to create it with performance in mind from start to end, fron the underpinnings to the chassis, revised shocks, spring rates, and stabilizer.
This is the kind of car you'd want to take to bed with you for a night of happy go lucky and let her roar.

2006 Mazda Kabura Concept

Kabura (japanese for howling arrow)
Redefining the compact sports coupe' the kabura design concept is to venture into the worl of exploring several fresh idea's. This particular design I see as being the first to explore these development and test them out over several concepts starting with this front engine, rear drive layout like that in the MX-5 and the rotary's. The concept has morphed several MX-5 chassis components being the gap chassis between the mx5 and the RX-8.
The engine is an inline-4, kicking out 110kw and torque to 187Nm covered in what I would personally define as a whole lot of glass.
While the shape is classic to that of a coupe, the windsheild and forward portion of the roof have been integrated to one seamless glass surface that incorporates a damper where the glass tint can change at the twist of a knob.
The upper most glass panel which would normally lie flat has the ability to pivotup powered by an electric motor. The way ailerons rise out of a wingplane providing three purposes (1) acting as a roof spoiler (2) venting air from the interior and (3) allows for more headroom. Furthermore, a photovoltaic solar cell in the panel helps to control the interior temperature and recharge the batteries aswell.
I have to admit that this car isn't my particular cup of tea but I do admire the innovative aspects to the car and applaude the effort and look forward to future idea and concepts.

Friday, January 06, 2006

2006 LA Auto show

I will be visiting the LA Auto show in the next few days and will be sure to take plenty of photos of the vehicles on display.... Watch this space.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

2006 Aston Martin Rapide

I couldn't believe it hen I first saw it but an Aston Martin with four doors.
Still packs in the usual V12 which will deliver you from 0-100 in under 5 seconds, actual timing not available at this time. Power is 358kw coming to a top speed at 290kms. Further information will be available when the car is released sometime this week.