Wednesday, March 29, 2006

F1 update pre Australia.

It has been an exciting change in Formula one so far this year. The qualifying is very interesting, the new V8's are getting through the teething problems, and hasn't Nico Rosberg with Williams been rather impressive setting the fastest lap during a race on his maiden outing in a F1 car?

The first two races have been dominated by 05 Champions Renault with both Alonso and Fisi taking the top step on the podium each. McLaren have been a bit down so far this season, but I am predicting that the Australian GP in Melbourne will bring them to light. Kimi and Juan Pablo are wanting the spotlight, as is Jenson Button of Honda.

Ferrari and Michael Schumacher took the # 2 place on the podium in Bahrain which was the best result for them since Indy 05 which was a bit of a farce. The improvement looks to be there with Ferrari, so keep an eye on them. Massa is proving to be a rather good match for Schumacher.

Honda is showing some potential too, although it looks like Reubens is being out shone by Button. I think that like Jacques Villeneuve, Reubens likes the car set up perfectly then he can bolt on up the standings. Looks like Honda need to move quickly in setting up Reubens car.

I am really hoping that Jacques Villeneuve can pull something out of the hat this year, it is possible although BMW seem to be a little down on power at this stage. His performance in Malaysa was rather impressive, but he is on the same engine for Melbourne, so he may be a bit light on the throttle during practice and at the beginning of the race. Time will tell, but I know that Jacques still has it in him.

So watch the race this weekend. It is a pity that Murray Walker turned down the opportunity to do the commentary for the Australian race. But he will be there as a Honda representative, so he may pop up sometime during the race. I hope so.

Nico Rosberg of Williams Cosworth F1

Thursday, March 09, 2006

F1 season 2006.... Start your engines

The 2006 F1 season is about to start with the first race in Bahrain this weekend. Current world champ Fernando Alonso is tipped to be challenging the podium along with Kimi Raikkonen, former and 7 times world champ Michael Schumacher, and expect good results from Button and Barrichello of Honda.

The season is going to be interesting with tyre changes allowed and new v8 engines replacing the v10's with exception of Torro Rosso, which will be using the rev limited V10. Maybe just maybe Toro Rosso will be in the position to get some reasonable results in the first couple of races with new drivers Liuzzi, and Scott Speed of USA.
Speed with his apt last name will be the first American on the f1 grid since 1993.

BMW took over Sauber, and dumped Williams or visa-versa. Red Bull took over Minardi and is now called Scuderia Toro Rossa. Honda brought out BAR, and now is just Honda. Midland took over Jordan. Super Agri is running old 2002 Arrows chassis and is a new team with Honda support, and Williams is partnered with Cosworth.

There is plenty of driver changes and the qualifying format has changed, so I am predicting that 2006 is going to be one of the most interesting seasons since..... last year. I can't wait to get up in the middle of the night to watch races on the speed channel. I'd like to attend either Indy or Montreal this year...?

Monday, March 06, 2006

2006 Porsche Sportec SPR1

Do you feel the need for speed?

Try this on for size, this porsche does 0-100(60mph) in 2.9 seconds, using its twin-tubro flat 6 with a top speed around 380km's. If they strip it down like the GT3 then who know's where this might go.

I find the braking distance of 60-0mph to be shorter than 36 meteres to be very impressive for that power displacement.

Friday, March 03, 2006

AMG CLK63 F1 safety car

Now this is a beast of a car....In its debut year 2006, the brand-new CLK 63 AMG will debut as the official FIA safety car for the 2006 Formula 1 season. With its 354 kW/481 hp AMG normally aspirated 6.3-litre V8 engine, its modified brakes, suspension, cooling and exhaust system, and an extensive package of lightweight components, the fast-paced coupé is well prepared for its responsible role on the Formula 1 racing circuits. The first outing for the CLK 63 AMG safety car will be at the Bahrain Grand Prix (March 9 to 12, 2006)...

Just for the record I am hoping BMW and Jacques manage to pull a few pleasant surprises and podiums this year in F1.

The CLK 63 AMG safety car will be piloted by former DTM driver Bernd Mayländer, what an exciting job that would be.... I have never seen a pace car spin off, but that would certainly create something to talk about.

Anyways look for a road version of this massively powered coupe in dealerships soon.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

2006 Saab Aero X Concept

The most obvious and most striing feature to this Saab is that there are no doors or better to note, absolutely no windshield pillars. This is all due to the new concept of incorporating a cockpit canopy similar to those found on fighter jets.
This then allows the driver to a full 180 degree un impeded view allowing increased vision and response performance.

The Twin turbo 400bhp Biopower V6 fuelled completely by Ethanol which safer on the environment by cutting down the carbon monoxide emmissions. I personally feel that this car has several future implications yet some refinement maybe be necessary to meet consumer interest. But I do like the canopy idea allowing better line of sight into tight corners, especially when off road. Not that you'd see this car on the WRC rally scene any time soon.