Wednesday, January 10, 2007

2008 BMW M5 Touring

Power and prestigue is synonmous with BMW creating balance between power, style and luxury without going to the extreames most other companies would. They simply don't need to and less is quite often more and is shown here in this package of practicality and performance of a supercar.

The driver will feel an absolute thrill with the level of perfomance and stability control witht eh M Dynamic Mode giving the escense to push the M5 tourer further than before. With a 3-stage DSC traction control system allowing some sideslip and countersteering before the system drops in allowing serious acceleration out of couners and 100% drive transferred to the rear wheel for ultimate traction. The EDC Electronic Damper COntrol system offers 3 suspension settings to complement the prevailing driving conditions.
The M5 Tourer is powered by the same back to back international engine of the year winning engine with its unique 7 speed sequential manual gearbox, 5.0ltr V10. The engine redlines at 8,250rpm with 500bhp and 383lb-ft of torque with 0-62mph in 4.8 seconds which makes it only 0.1 second slower than the saloon.
Showing pracitcal boot space with the powerdrive applied the car without its electronic limiter to 155mph could easily cruise at 200mph with a full load.
As for its design, I'm biased as am a sucker for the BMW shape however on this model the distinct style and discreet lines appeal to its overall athetics and dynamic performance witht he stereotypical quad tailpipes.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

2007 Acura Advanced

The style illustrates that if it was a bullet, it could kill a warewolf. While its not made of silver this front mounted V10 had a design concept in mind to create an exotic appeal and bring it to the next level in succession to the Acura NSX.
They sculpted the car to accentuate the lines to show power and finess with exterior lines running the full length of the car from the front head lights throught to the rear wheel arches to envisage a sleek modern design with eloquent power and need for speed and the illusion that it's racing down the tarmac.... while parked.
Dramatic lines combined with technology and emotion brought this car to its 2007 unveiling at the Advanced International Auto Show recently to show its low wheelbase and cabin (which is constructed entirely of tinted glass) and carbon firbre under body.
No warewolf would dare stand in front of this car.

Monday, January 08, 2007

2007 Ford Interceptor Concept

By all popular beliefs, this is not a GM car or a Chrysler while its shape at first glance can lead you to that decision based on its initial boxed design. To begin with I thought it was an updated Chrysler with a new front design. The 2007 model Ford Interceptor is a rear wheel driven 6-speed 5.0Ltr V8 cammer engine running on E-85 ethanol with 400bhp pushed down to 22inch wheels. THe package is aimed at a sedan design that can deliver style and sports performance to car lovers alike. The designers wanted to incorporate a higher shoulder with a definitaive line to create a sense of mystery and a firm attitude.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Tesla Roadster 2007

The electric-powered Tesla Roadster looks like a Lotus, boasts the equivalent of 135 mpg and a range of 250 miles on a single charge, does 0-60 mph in around 4 seconds, doesn't emit any emissions (unless you spin the wheels and burn rubber) and is sold out for 2007. You can put your name on the 2008 waiting list for $50,000US. The base price is $92,000US, but fully loaded the car will be just over $100k.

Using a unique two-speed electrically actuated manual transmission, the Tesla Roadster's power comes from a 3-phase, 4-pole AC induction motor. The motor is controlled by the Power Electronics Module (PEM) which also controls the inverting direct current to 3-phase alternating current, charging and braking systems.

The Roadster's Energy Storage System (ESS) provides power to the entire vehicle, including the motor. Its durable, tamper-resistant enclosure includes: 6,831 lithium-ion cells, a network of microprocessors for maintaining charge balance and battery temperature, a cooling system, and an independent safety system designed to disconnect power outside the enclosure under a variety of detectable safety situations.

The Tesla Roadster comes complete with its Electric Vehicle Service Equipment (EVSE), a home-based charging system, which features an automatic safety disconnect system and can charge the Tesla Roadster in approximately 3.5 hours. An optional mobile charging kit is also available.

The Tesla Roadster has a range of up to 250 miles (EPA Highway) on a single charge, roughly triple the range of previous mass-produced electric vehicles.

I think this car is fantastic, so does the Governor of California. When the company gets the costs down and the prices become more reasonable they won't have trouble selling them in the USA, provided the quality is good and it actually preforms close to what the manufacturer has been saying. I might even consider one myself.

Now if Rodney Hide MP for Epsom and Leader of ACT Party of NZ really likes the publicity he gets from the Smart car he has, imagine what he'd get in a car like this? Best they make it in right hand drive too.......