Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The Return of KITT

growing up as a young boy there were several TV programs that interested me such as The Duke's of Hazzard which created my fascination with car's followed by Knight Rider. Apart from the Million Dollar Bionic man, this year in 2008 we shall not only see the return to the small screen the Bionic Woman but the continuing story of the Knight Rider along with KITT.

Upgraded from the Trans Am we still see the flashing red light but the car has been moved to what critics are saying is a huge push on commercialised advertising in a TV series, highlighting the range of Ford vehicles.

Pictured above is the new KITT, but also hightlighted in the series will be the new ford focus and a selection of other vehicles.

You can google the search for the week story outline but as per the original TV series starring the Hoff, the show was mainly focussed on the car which for every boy growing up thru the 80's always wanted a car the could smash thru walls and most importantly have the option of the Turbo-Boost.