Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Holdens 60th Anniversary

Holden celebrate their 60th anniversary since first opening at its Fishermans Bend plant in Port Melbourne, Victoria Australia. They spotlight the 6 decade achievement with the Coupe 60, a concept car to take the VE brand further into the future of the company.

The coupe is 60mm shorter than the VE sedan and a pillarless concept car exploring the rear-wheel drive capabilities of racing design and technology for the casual on-road sporting experience. The engine is a 6.0l V8 with active fuel management calibrated to run on E85 Ethanol and sports the very latest in Holden Design and technologies they have to date.

The body is covered in a one off original paint scheme called "Diamond Silver" to give it a liquid aluminium finish. Racing enhancements include a full flat underbody, rear underbody diffuser along with a functional rear deck lid spoiler that houses LED tail lamps. The interior includes a sports inspired flat bottom steering wheel, one piece carbon fiber bucket seats.

All designed to encompass the 'Holden DNA' factor, while strickly a concept car there are no company updates to mark if this will go into production as the next chapter after the release of the updated Monaro. The Coupe 60 has been designed for those Holden fan's to herald a new chapter in their future design's.